Snake in the Grass

Sometimes I’ve wondered if this “abundant life” is abundantly full of disappointment and hurt. Sometimes I’ve wondered if I can ever truly move on, move passed the hurts from years of fear, loneliness, and trying everything I could to control whether or not my husband was faithful to me. Every once-in-awhile, those fears creep back…read more

My Manger Invasion

  Sounds of breaking glass sent me flying into the next room to see what was going on.  Here my toddler sat, looking so pleased with his rearrangement of the manger scene.  Baby Jesus was MIA.  In His place sat a tyrannosaurus rex.   The camels were even on the roof of the stable, I’m sure…read more

The Unexpected Blessing of Loving When It’s Hard

  I had the wonderful blessing of being published on the wonderful Incourage blog over the weekend, so I wanted to share a snippet and the link to hop over and check it out.  Thankful to God for using this story and these words! The Incourage blog is FULL of amazing, inspirational, and encouraging words…read more

Undo Me

Our Sunday School class is talking about accountability, but I didn’t anticipate the opportunity to “practice what I preach” quite so quickly this week.  Man, it doesn’t always feel good to be held accountable by your friends.  But thank you, God, for giving me people in my life willing and brave enough to do it. She…read more

S.O.A.P. Bible Study Method

We are going to get down to business today!   Don’t forget to grab your free printable at the bottom of the post! Here is our guidelines again: CLICK HERE FOR A PRINTABLE OF THE GUIDELINES: quiet time guidelines Guidelines for Daily Quiet Time Gather your Bible, a notebook or journal, devotional if you have…read more

HE > i

No one told me God would speak to me.  I didn’t really know exactly what it meant to “follow God’s will,” but I talked the good Christian talk like all the other “church goers.” Inside I knew there was something I longed for when I read God’s Word, but I didn’t know what to expect….

Pep Talk: Getting our Mind & Heart Ready

The locker room can be a smelly and loud place as players get their uniform on, tie their shoes, and get ready, but when the coach comes in before the game, the players draw close. They know he has important things they need to hear.  They know he will quiet the loud locker room chatter…read more

Suit Up

I am known to be a procrastinator.  I can remember many times when my family was waiting to leave to go on a trip, and I was still throwing last minute things in the van when we should have been well down the road. Let me tell you, it’s not a great way to start a…read more

Game On

WELCOME TO THE 30 DAY BIBLE CHALLENGE! Every day I will post some tools and encouragement, so keep checking back every day!  One of the days we will have a drawing for one of my favorite devotionals, so don’t miss out!   Are you ready to dig in?! If you are not accustomed to spending…read more

Put Your Game-face On!

How long could you make it at your house without a mirror? Maybe we could get away with a couple hours around here, at most.  Keep in mind, I have teenage girls…that estimate might be optimistic. Why do you look in the mirror? Maybe because you don’t want to walk around with spinach in your…read more

Anti Self-Help Series: For Such a Time as This

As a follower of Christ, we are supposed to believe we are a miracle, “fearfully and wonderfully made.” You see it on pro-life billboards, teen devotionals, Christian cards and motivational posters. And maybe, just maybe, you believe it. But do you live like it? What you believe about yourself will affect everything about how you live…read more

The Anti-Self Help Series: Seek Him

It’s all about you.  Know your ideal self.  Validate yourself.  Cut your ties with difficult people and let karma deal with them. Google “how to find peace.”  These are the answers you will find.  The world will tell you the place to find peace is within yourself.  Buddha says, “Peace comes from within.  Do not…read more

Maranatha: The Perfect Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas Eve! This season can bring great joy or sometimes tremendous stress and heartache.  Whatever it brings this year, even if it’s a mess, invite Jesus into the very center of it all. “Come, Lord, Jesus…Maranatha.” There is something beautiful in these words.  Yet our family mumbles them at the dinner table in preparation…read more