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I am known to be a procrastinator.  I can remember many times when my family was waiting to leave to go on a trip, and I was still throwing last minute things in the van when we should have been well down the road.

Let me tell you, it’s not a great way to start a vacation.  By the time we are all buckled in and finally headed to our destination, we are all more than a little cranky, sweaty, and tired from rushing around last minute.

Then there’s my sister…

She plans and organizes down to the smallest detail.  She starts getting ready far ahead of time so she has time to remember everything, add to her list and purchase things if necessary, and neatly lay things out so they can be packed in an organized fashion.  When they leave on trips, they are in the right frame of mind and not feeling rushed or overwhelmed; just looking forward to the time ahead.  That sounds downright delightful.  And foreign to me.

Let’s check it out in context with spending time in God’s Word:

The first thing on the “Quiet Time Guidelines” is “Gather.”

I. Gather

Laying out your materials the night before can help you to keep on track.  Keep them in a certain spot so that they don’t get misplaced and you can keep your notes private if you wish.

Maybe it seems like it’s not a big deal, but it can have more effect on us than we realize.

No matter what we are about to tackle, it’s going to go smoother if we aren’t rushed into it or through it.  We wouldn’t wait until just before an interview to find our suit and shoes.  We wouldn’t run out onto the court while we are still pulling on our uniform or tying our shoes.

It’s going to be more difficult to enjoy your time with Your Creator if you are hurried or frantically trying to remember where you left your Bible.

Protect and prepare for your time with God because it’s important to you.  Treasure it.  And if it isn’t something you treasure yet, keep diving in, and by the end of the 30 day challenge, I believe it will be.

Tonight, get your “gym bag” ready for tomorrow.  Lay out your Bible, your journal (it can be a spiral notebook), a devotional (if you have one), and a pen.

If you have time, check out Luke 8.  Read the Parable of the Sowers and reflect on which one most describes you right now.  See how that changes throughout the next 30 days.


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YOU have taught ME how to “be organized” in my Christian walk. As Pastor Schreur calls it, I have my devotion corner….my end table with my Bible, notebook, and pen. It isn’t a “cutesy”, decorated area, but it is my “corner” with God ready to start the battle daily!

Cheryl Anderson

These are all good ideas. It reminded me of when I used to do pressed flower pictures. The last thing I wanted to do was get up and get the brushes, get up and get the glue, go get the paper, go get the frames. NO: I would gather all my materials together and then settle in to create my pressed flower gardens. So . . . I guess we are sitting down with THE CREATOR and we are creating the work of art that is our life with HIM. So I will gather all the materials and settle in with GOD. Thank you for bringing all of that to mind.


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